Game Photography

No, not pictures of pasty developers with Cheeto-dust on their fingers. Photography of games. In games. We now have gameworlds with enough size, variety, and beauty that this is a meaningful concept. Don’t believe me? Just look here.

One thought on “Game Photography

  1. Andrew

    You never seen them from older games? My my :) San Andreas had a camera in game for that kind of work. I’ve even got my own playthrough galleries with a lot of vista shots when I can get them ( )

    Here’s a nice (and funny) Oblivion playthrough in progress:

    Some nice ones in Fallout, I must admit, I do want to get the game. Bioshock was kinda similar, in a spooky way (shame they didn’t have more outside vistas in the water). Farcry 2 seems to be just that nicely lit and made that people get up exactly in time for the sunrises (another game I must play). Sadly not very expansive, but the crisp Mirrors Edge levels make for some nice shots, you can feel the air and speed in them. Assassins Creed is also one which has magnificent scenery, especially since so much of the game is scouting it out which works nicely – getting a shot from the highest tower in the game is absolutely brilliant.

    Beautiful games you can explore are excellent. I wish there was a dedicated place for the galleries though, I keep finding odd ones here and there (and via. GameOvr which is very random and good).

    Thanks for linking to the gallery! I’ll be taking my own snapshots once I have the game. Good for the preservation work I do too, screenshots show magnificent scenes (better then video because, frankly, sometimes it just looks in the uncanny valley of realism when things are meant to be moving/living, so a static capture can look much better).

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