Monthly Archives: June 2008

CBP3 Released!

The Unreal Tournament Community Bonus Pack 3, for which I made the level DM-CBP3-HongKong, has been released! Check out the CBP3 website.

I’m happy to have been part of such an awesome project. It’s just sad that my time for random community project is now limited by my awesome new job.

New Job: 2K Boston

I recently moved to Boston and began working my first full time job: Game Designer at 2K Boston. You may remember it as the studio which recently released Bioshock. Previous games include SWAT 4 and Freedom Force.

My favourite game of theirs was System Shock 2, because it scared me so much that I could barely play it, and when I did play it I would physically tremble with terror. Yes, I was much younger at the time.