Game Word of the Week

Bottomless (adj)

A bottomless game has more strategic depth than can be explored within years of study. Examples include Chess, Starcraft, and Street Fighter 2. Bottomless games require constant thought and re-strategizing to play properly.Expert players will be constantly inventing new strategies and counter-strategies.

Usage: People have been inventing new Starcraft strategies for years! The game is truly bottomless.

Comment: Bottomlessness is necessary for any game that is going to be played competitively for a long time after it’s release. It basically means that no matter how good you are, you will never be able to execute a degenerate strategy.

One thought on “Game Word of the Week

  1. Shay Pierce

    Is there such a thing, or could there be such a thing, as a bottomless game that is not a multiplayer competitive game?

    Is Tetris a bottomless single-player game? (If so, that would be wonderfully ironic, since the entire game is ABOUT the bottom of a well. :)

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