New Job: 2K Boston

I recently moved to Boston and began working my first full time job: Game Designer at 2K Boston. You may remember it as the studio which recently released Bioshock. Previous games include SWAT 4 and Freedom Force.

My favourite game of theirs was System Shock 2, because it scared me so much that I could barely play it, and when I did play it I would physically tremble with terror. Yes, I was much younger at the time.

7 thoughts on “New Job: 2K Boston

  1. Francois Messier

    Congrats Tynan! Hadn’t checked your website in a while. I’m one of the guys at Bedlam.

  2. Tynan Sylvester Post author

    Definitely, man. I totally remember you!

    And thanks, things are working out really well. Today I spent all day learning from this military adviser guy with all these crazy war stories. Good fun.

  3. Pat

    Hi Tynan,
    One of my students is a 12 year old Warhammer fan and is writing his own game. Do you have any tips on format and what should be included in a Game Design document (tabletop).
    Appreciate any input,

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