Map: Europe Sniper

I’m just finishing up my latest baby: Europe Sniper.

I made this level on contract for Close Quarters Combat by Groove Games. Almost all of the assets are there, though there were really very few assets appropriate for a European theme in CQC. I was just getting so damn sick of industrial concrete jungles and sunset or overcast levels that I decided to do someplace where I might actually want to be in real life. Minus the constant gunfire, of course.

The first two shots are panoramas.




One thought on “Map: Europe Sniper

  1. Pete

    Clear skies, lots of windows, pleasant indoor lighting, easy canal access. I was especially impressed by the doors in the bottom-right shot for some reason.

    I haven’t been around Europe enough to recognize the setting. Looks like the steering wheels are on the left. Guess: Italy?

    …oh yeah and frist psot!!!!!1one

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