Let me help you design your game. I can do:

Design Analysis: I can review your game and help you find opportunities and dangers in the design. If the project is young, this will be about helping you find a direction that works for you and your business goals. Later on, we might not be able to completely change a game, but I can help you find those last few opportunities that make the design pop.

Design and Concept Documents: If you’ve got an idea for a game or system but are having trouble nailing down the specifics, I can help. I can write a detailed spec for a single system, or produce a broader concept document describing an entire game. There’s always more than one way to approach a design challenge like this, so I’ll work with you to find the one that best fulfills your goals.

Hands-On Work: I’ve spent my time in the trenches. Let me work in yours. I can get down and dirty and help you finish a project or system by working directly alongside your developers. My broad experience with both big studio blockbusters and shoestring indie games means I can fit into a variety of projects. And my skills in design, writing, and programming mean I can get up to speed fast.

Got questions? Got work? Contact me.